Abhay Bhargava opens up about fathers bonding with daughters-in-law

February 21, 2024
Actor Abhay Bhargava has reflected on his character in the show 'Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa', saying that daughters-in-law are like precious gifts.

Actor Abhay Bhargava, who plays Amit, the caring father-in-law to Aashi (Swati Sharma) in the series ‘Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa’, has reflected on his character in the show, saying that daughters-in-law are like precious gifts.

In the series, the relationship between Amit and Aashi unfolds to provide the audience with a fresh perspective on the dynamics between a father-in-law and daughter-in-law, challenging stereotypes.

Reflecting on his character, Abhay said: “Amit is a progressive individual who values family above everything else, especially Aashi, who is not just his daughter-in-law, but is also like his own daughter.

“I believe that when a woman gets married, she embarks on a new chapter in her life, and it is our responsibility as her extended family to ensure she feels at home and receives the same love as she did in her own house.”

“Daughters-in-law are precious gifts, and it is our duty to cherish and embrace them with the same affection as our own daughters,” said the ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’ actor.

He added: “I believe that my character Amit has the potential to inspire a positive change in the society. Amit and Aashi’s bond serves as a testament to the fact that love never differentiates within a family. I hope the viewers will draw valuable lessons from my character, fostering a more inclusive and loving environment within the society.”

The show also stars Bharat Ahlawat in the lead role, and Khyati Keswani in a pivotal role.

‘Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa’ airs on Shemaroo Umang.

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