Actors all set for Gudi Padwa: Extend best wishes, share festive plans

Sayli Kamble have shared their plans for Gudi Padwa celebrations this year.

Actors Yashashri Musurkar, Hemangi Kavi, Kushal Badrike and ‘Superstar Singer 3’ captain Sayli Kamble have shared their plans for Gudi Padwa celebrations this year. Marking the onset of spring, Gudi Padwa – also known as the Marathi New Year, brings with it an unmissable festive cheer.

Yashashri, who essays the role of Bela in ‘Dabangii Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi’ said: “We celebrate Gudi Padwa by starting the day with a puja, then we hoist the Gudi and indulge in tasty shrikhand puri. That’s my Padwa ritual. One of my fondest memories of Gudi Padwa has always been about whose Gudi was the tallest.”

“My whole family gets together and decorates the entrance of our house with rangoli and torans of flowers/mango leaves. The Gudi is hoisted outside the house after the puja. This is one of the few occasions when we all come together to enjoy each and every moment as a family,” she added.

Sayli said: “For Maharashtrians, Gudi Padwa is a day of new beginnings. While the world celebrates New Year on January 1st, we celebrate it on this day. We traditionally hoist a Gudi, which is decorated on a bamboo pole or stick with a colourful saree, flowers, and neem leaves tied to it.”

“The day is also marked with cultural activities, social gatherings, and traditional meals,” she added.

Hemangi from the show ‘Madness Machayenge-India Ko Hasayenge’, shared: “Being a Maharashtrian and a proud Thanekar, Gudi Padwa is one of the most awaited festivals for all of us. We indulge in special meals, rangoli decorations, and social gatherings. Along with my whole family, I celebrate this day with lots of love and positivity. We enjoy every moment of the auspicious day, as it brings back so many childhood memories which we proudly narrate to the younger generation with enthusiasm.”

Kushal from ‘Madness Machayenge’ said: “The first day of the Chaitra month, Gudi Padwa, marks the start of the new year; we rise early, pray to God, make traditional home-cooked Maharashtrian cuisine, and enjoy the meal together with family. This day brings lots of love and positivity as it marks the beginning of a new year for us (Maharashtrians), and I have fond memories of celebrating this special day over the years.”

The show airs on Sony.

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