How Pushpa tricks MLA Patil into contributing to crowdfunding project in ‘Pushpa Impossible’

April 30, 2024
In the upcoming episode of the television show 'Pushpa Impossible', the titular character Pushpa

 In the upcoming episode of the television show ‘Pushpa Impossible’, the titular character Pushpa (played by Karuna Pandey) persuades MLA Patil to contribute to the rebuilding of the ‘Basti’ through crowd-funding, despite his involvement in the demolition.

Pushpa’s daughter Rashi kickstarts the initiative to gather funds, with the help of Saran Sir (played by Adish Vaidya). The strategy involves initiating donations from their community. However, Pushpa realises that, along with money, they need essential materials to rebuild the settlement. To tackle this roadblock, Pushpa tricks the MLA into contributing to the funding.

Shedding light on the track, Karuna Pandey, who essays the role of Pushpa, said: “Pushpa recognises the importance of making every action count in her effort to revitalise the Basti community. With a goal of gathering money to help rebuild the lives of the ‘Basti’ residents, Pushpa’s family is dedicated to making a difference and helping the residents who’ve lost their homes.”

The actress further mentioned, “She understands that doing good often means facing challenges, like convincing MLA Patil to support the settlement. For Pushpa, it’s about finding the right path to create positive change, even if it means overcoming obstacles along the way.”

The show takes the audience on a journey with Pushpa, who faces life’s challenges with a positive attitude.

‘Pushpa Impossible’ airs on Sony SAB.

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