'Pushpa Impossible': Prarthana confronts Pushpa as slum dwellers plot revenge on Bapodara

In the upcoming episodes of the show 'Pushpa Impossible', viewers will witness an explosive turn of events as Pakya's (Rohan Jadhav) slum gets demolished,

In the upcoming episodes of the show ‘Pushpa Impossible’, viewers will witness an explosive turn of events as Pakya’s (Rohan Jadhav) slum gets demolished, and he, along with his friends from the slum, lashes out at Bapodara (Jayesh Barbhaya), convinced he’s to blame as it was his party which gave the demolition order.

They end up beating Bapodara black and blue, landing him in the hospital fighting for his life.

Meanwhile, amid the chaos, Pushpa (Karuna Pandey) tries calming Pakya by saying she understands his anger towards Bapodara, making him promise that he will not hurt the latter.

However, Bapodra’s daughter Prarthana (Indraxi Kanjilal) confronts Pushpa for emotionally supporting Pakya, and not her father, leading to a conflict between the two.

With tensions high and relationships put to test, more drama unfolds.

“Pushpa’s character is about caring for others. Even in this situation, she took the gun from Pakya, but misunderstandings arose when it fell in front of everyone. However, Pushpa providing support to Pakya leads to a conflict with her daughter-in-law Prathana, even though her intention is actually to save Bapodara,” Karuna said.

“It’s a difficult time for Pushpa, but she is determined to come out of it and make sure everything is fine in the end,” she added.

‘Pushpa Impossible’ airs on Sony SAB at 9:30 PM.

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