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Such adorable is Karuna Pandey and Jagat Rawat’s bond… checkout

A student and teacher’s relationship is said to be sacred but when friendship is added to this equation, it becomes a very wholesome combo. The perfect example of this is the bond shared by Pushpa (Karuna Pandey) and her mentor, Ashutosh Nanavati (Jagat Rawat).

Ashutosh played a very important role in Pushpa’s educational journey, he became a stepping-stone towards her success. Their bond though is beyond the limits of Guru-Shishya, they are also good friends.

Ashutosh is the person Pushpa can rely on for solutions when she’s facing a roadblock, he is her mentor and Pushpa’s unique mindset makes Ashutosh learn something new in each of their conversations. However, they have a great friendship off camera too!

While sharing about her camaraderie with Jagat Rawat, Karuna Pandey says, “Ashutosh Nanavati is a major supporter of Pushpa in her educational journey and is someone she looks up to. She can rely on him when she faces trouble in her studies and Pushpa benefits from his wisdom and empathy. I have known Jagatji since my theater days at the National School of Drama and I respect him a lot. I believe the respect we have for each other in real life is what reflects on screen.”

Echoing the same thoughts and adding to them, Jagat Rawat comments, “I have a lot of respect for Karuna and have known her since my theater days. She is highly professional and one of the best actors to work with because of her infectious energy and responsiveness. I’m elated that we get to play this dynamic duo of student teachers. Ashutosh was a major catalyst in Pushpa’s education and it feels good to play a character who is so open minded and inspiring, who is a mentor to such a great woman like Pushpa.”

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