Vaquar Shaikh almost forgot how many lead roles he played

January 30, 2024
Vaquar Shaikh opened up his TV journey of three decades, sharing how the experience of so many years has helped him in approaching a new role.

Actor Vaquar Shaikh, who is known for his work in ‘Chandrakanta’, ‘Saaya’, ‘Qubool Hai’ and others, has opened up his television journey of three decades, sharing how the experience of so many years has helped him in approaching a new role.

Sharing his experience as an actor in television shows, Vaquar said: “I have been around for quite some time on television and have done many shows. I have almost forgotten how many lead roles I’ve played in shows. It is the result of years and years of discipline, hard work, and dedication that puts me in the position I’m in today.”

“Looking effortless today is the fruit of all that effort. Experience is something that you cannot see and measure. It’s there in you, and it keeps coming. Even today, I am experiencing it. It’s not like If you have gained experience, it’s over. Even today, I am learning something new and will continue to learn with each day that comes,” said the ‘Vidya’ actor.

The actor shared: “I guess the experience of so many years has helped me a lot in approaching my new role. And at the end of the day, I have my writer and my creatives to help and guide me. So somewhere, I have learned the knack of getting hold of a character, and I feel that if I am portraying a character, I should know what to wear and how to look.”

“If you’re seen as your character, people will accept, and then, of course, you need to perform.”

Currently, he is seen as Yashdeep in the show ‘Anupamaa’. Talking about ‘Anupamaa’, Vaquar said: “I play this guy called Yashdeep Singh who is the younger brother of Yashpal, younger son of Biji and co-owner of the restaurant Spices and Chutney. Initially, Yashdeep was in the army, and after leaving the army, he went back to his village in Punjab. He was looking after their farms.”

“My character’s appearance is well-suited for our current location in the US during winter. He wears trench coats, jackets, and mufflers. He maintains decorum, possesses a distinctive style, and exudes politeness and charm. He is articulate, disciplined in his life, and his voice reflects these qualities. As the show progresses, you will discover the challenges he has faced in his life,” concluded Vaquar.

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