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Kanchan Awasthi and Avon Cycles join forces: A dynamic blend of glamour, fitness and sustainability

In an exhilarating and harmonious fusion of entertainment and fitness, the renowned television and film actress, Kanchan Awasthi, has been named the brand ambassador for Avon Cycles. This exciting collaboration signifies a significant stride for both Kanchan and Avon Cycles, as they come together to advocate for health, sustainability, and the joys of an active lifestyle.

Hailing from the culturally vibrant city of Lucknow, Kanchan Awasthi is not only a versatile actor but also a winner of the Proud Indian Parliament Award. Her influence extends beyond the screen as she motivates her followers to prioritize fitness and well-being in their lives. Kanchan Awasthi, celebrated for her captivating performances in acclaimed movies and television shows such as Ankur Arora Murder, Froud Saiya, and Gunwali Dulhania, has garnered a devoted fan base that reveres her for her exceptional versatility and magnetic charisma. Her journey from the silver screen to the open trails of cycling is a testament to her unwavering commitment to a balanced and active life.

Kanchan Awasthi, the newly appointed brand ambassador, expressed her enthusiasm, “I am truly delighted to join hands with Avon Cycles, a brand that shares my passion for fitness and eco-friendly living. Cycling has been an integral part of my life, offering not just physical health but also a sense of liberation. Through this collaboration, I aim to inspire people to embrace cycling as a sustainable and healthy way of life.”

Mr. Omkar Singh CMD, Avon Cycles, also shared his excitement: We are thrilled to welcome Kanchan Awasthi as our brand ambassador. Her energy, charisma, and dedication to a healthy lifestyle perfectly align with Avon Cycles’ vision. Together, we aim to promote fitness, sustainability, and the joy of cycling. This partnership signifies our commitment to making a positive impact on society.

With Kanchan Awasthi’s infectious enthusiasm and Avon Cycles’ dedication to eco-friendly mobility solutions, this collaboration promises to inspire positive change, encourage healthy choices, and champion a sustainable future.

About Avon Cycles

Avon Cycles, a venerable name in the bicycle industry with over seven decades of experience, offers products catering to all age groups and genders. Their diverse range includes mountain bikes, electric cycles, geared cycles, roadsters, and hybrid cycles. Avon Cycles has set its sights not only on being a bicycle brand but also on becoming a torchbearer for vibrant health and well-being in the modern world.

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