Dortmund prepares for party despite uncertain season outcome

May 20, 2023

Berlin, May 20 (IANS) It might take a while for visitors to discover the secret behind one of Dortmund’s famous spots.

At first glance, the Borsigplatz seems a rather unspectacular round-about fringed by fast-food restaurants and enterprises addressing the needs of daily life such as a laundry store, reports Xinhua.

Only when Borussia Dortmund has reason to celebrate a major title, things do change significantly. The spot turns into the center of celebrations as tens of thousands of fans gather cheering the players and coaches turning several laps before things seem to explode.

In May 2023 there again is a certain curiosity brewing as something big might lie ahead; this time coming along with a certain amount of uncertainty.

Party preparations might be in vain as the Black and Yellows must deal with the burden of depending on a misstep of title competitor Bayern Munich before having to win the second last season game in Augsburg.

But despite the unknown season outcome planning of police, council staff, club officials, and fans is in progress as the club was founded right here in 1909 in a pub.

As reported coach Edin Terzic and CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke are far from pleased about having to compete on Sunday, a day after Bayern plays Leipzig, but for now, take things as they are.

Instead of complaining about the schedule Terzic is talking about the unique chance to win the national title.

“Many of us might never get the chance to win it again. Therefore, we feel excited and are thankful for the opportunity to be that close to the trophy,” the 40-year-old said.

Dortmund’s coach, seen as the first coach after Jurgen Klopp triggering a similar closeness between fans and the club, didn’t talk much this week.

Terzic excused his silence by referring to the amount of work he has to do with his squad in the final stages of a season peppered with emotional ups and downs such as the testicular cancer illness of spearhead Sebastien Haller.

Although the title isn’t secured, the BVB has returned to a path leading to satisfaction and happiness.

Mixed feelings might be involved as an unlucky draw in Bochum sparked some disappointment coming along with losing the league lead only a short while ago.

But Terzic managed to take his team into a stage of pride triggering passionate performances in their recent games.

CEO Watzke is praising Terzic’s ability to keep a fragile squad together despite setbacks and create a team spirit the club was missing for long.

Some assume celebrations at the Borsigplatz might take place no matter how the season is going to end. Having invested their most seems enough for fans to start a party in the region of people used to physical work and daily life providing challenges.

Terzic might have caught people’s hearts as he is what is called a child of the region making his way up after his first visit to a Borussia game when nine years old.

“From that moment on I knew what club my heart is beating for, but never thought I would be sitting on the bench as coach one day,” he reported before turning back to present issues such as promising a victory for Sunday in Augsburg.



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