Best Dressed Celebrities at the Heeramandi Screening – Take a Look Now

April 26, 2024
Best Dressed Celebrities at the Heeramandi Screening

Alia Bhatt: Radiating traditional elegance in a contemporary ensemble, Alia Bhatt effortlessly turned heads with her sophisticated look.

Divya Khossla: Adding her star power to the screening, Divya Khossla exuded grace in an elegant traditional attire, captivating everyone’s attention on the red carpet.

Ananya Pandey: Dressed in regal blue Ananya Pandey is a vision of sophisticated charm and grace as she arrives for the red carpet.

Bhumi Pednekar: Opting for a striking saree, Bhumi Pednekar showcased a fashion-forward and contemporary look, setting new trends on the red carpet.

Rashmika Mandanna: Dressed in hues of green, Rashmika Mandanna looked absolutely gorgeous as she graced the red carpet with her presence.

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