Ishq Vishq Rebound Review: A Disjointed Sequel That Falls Flat

"Ishq Vishq Rebound" attempts to revive the charm of its predecessor but fails to deliver on almost every front.
June 21, 2024
Ishq Vishq Rebound Review
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“Ishq Vishq Rebound” attempts to revive the charm of its predecessor but fails to deliver on almost every front. The film, starring Rohit Saraf and Jibraan Khan, is a lackluster reboot that leaves much to be desired.

The acting, particularly by Rohit Saraf and Jibraan Khan, is disappointing. Both actors struggle to bring depth to their characters, resulting in performances that feel superficial and uninspired. Saraf, known for his previous commendable work, seems miscast here, unable to convey the nuances of a romantic lead. Khan, on the other hand, lacks the screen presence needed to carry his role, making it hard for viewers to connect with his character.

One of the film’s most glaring issues is its incredibly short runtime, which leaves no room for proper character development or narrative progression. The story feels rushed and incomplete, as if crucial scenes were left on the cutting room floor. This brevity results in a lack of emotional engagement, with viewers unable to invest in the characters’ journeys.

Direction is another major downfall of “Ishq Vishq Rebound.” The film lacks a coherent vision, making it appear disjointed and aimless. Scenes are poorly stitched together, leading to a jarring viewing experience. There is no clear narrative thread to follow, leaving the audience confused and disengaged. The film fails to capture the essence of young love and college life, which the original “Ishq Vishq” did so well.

In terms of technical aspects, the film also falls short. The cinematography is uninspired, and the music, which should have been a highlight, fails to leave a mark. There is nothing memorable about the soundtrack, which is a significant letdown given the legacy of its predecessor.

Overall, “Ishq Vishq Rebound” is a disappointing sequel that fails to live up to expectations. With poor acting, a lack of direction, and a painfully short runtime, it earns a well-deserved one-star rating. This film is best avoided by fans of the original and new viewers alike.

Rating 1.5 star

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