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Director Eshwar Gunturu on ‘Code Name Abdul’ scoring well in ‘Bechdel test’

Eshwar Gunturu is proud of the fact that the film has been able to pass through the litmus paper of the 'Bechdel test'

Eshwar Gunturu, the director of the gritty thriller ‘Code Name Abdul’, is proud of the fact that the film has been able to pass through the litmus paper of the ‘Bechdel test’, an indicator of importance of female characters in a work of fiction.

Shedding light on the subject, the director said, “Our film satisfies the rare ‘Bechdel test’ where two or more women have an interaction without discussing any man. Tanishaa and Khatera discuss ideologies during their much talked about fight in the film.”

The film may have suffered setbacks during its journey but the director is happy and proud of his team for putting up a good fight with the film finally getting a good response from the audience.

He said, “We are glad people were invested in the film and were guessing the outcome and motives of the principal characters in a million directions, some of which we as makers didn’t anticipate too.”

He added, “The film had been constantly getting delayed because of the pandemic nonetheless, whoever saw the film were floored by the out-of-box story and the suspense climax in the film. Few sent me Facebook messages about how the film doesn’t give any clue to the climax like in regular suspense films.”

‘Code Name Abdul’ revolves around four Counter Intelligence Agents from RAW who are on a mission to find an elusive terrorist. With the film’s release, actress Tanishaa Mukerji swung back into action alongside debutant talents Khatera Hakimi, Ashok Chaudhary and Anshuman Sharma.

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