Rappers D’Evil, Shah Rule on their ‘An Action Hero’ title track ‘Asli Action Chaalu’

The theme song, 'Asli Action Chaalu' from Ayushmann Khurrana starrer 'An Action Hero' is performed by Gully Gang signees and rappers D’Evil and Shah Rule and is composed by Parag Chhabra.

The theme song, ‘Asli Action Chaalu’ from Ayushmann Khurrana starrer ‘An Action Hero’ is performed by Gully Gang signees and leading Mumbai-based rappers D’Evil and Shah Rule and is composed by Parag Chhabra. The groovy track brings to life the well-choreographed action sequences of the film.

D’Evil states, “This has been a very impromptu opportunity. I had to forsake my underground mumbaiya personality and embrace a more mainstream commercial vibe. This has been a novel experience for me but I have experimented with my style and soundscape. Music director Parag Chabbra was impressed with my work on ‘Asli Action Chalu’ and also offered me to jump on another song from the album along with Vivek Hariharan ‘Ghere Mein’. I was asked to play a narrator here in this song.”

Shah Rule states, “The making of our song ‘Asli Action Chaalu’ was a fast moving and thrilling experience similar to this action packed film itself. Music producer, Parag Chabra, gave me a well detailed brief and groovy bass heavy track which already featured parts of my long time collaborator & Gully Gang label mate – D’Evil, and they wanted me to go head to head with his Hindi verses with my own English verses. I love the way our song came to fruition and the back-to-back bilingual verses turned out to be super smooth and impactful.”

“I personally see it as my goal and mission to empower English rap from homegrown rappers in India and globally, so I’m very proud to represent that in my first official song in a Bollywood film. Our lyrics had to be very direct to this pivotal part of the film where Ayushmann Khurrana’s character ‘Maanav’, has set off a chain of events which dictate the rest of the movie and finally seeing it in theatres with our voices there, almost like we were his narrators was truly an amazing experience. Super honoured to be a part of this incredible film,” concluded Shah Rule.

An Action Hero, directed by Anirudh Iyer, also stars Jaideep Ahlawat in the lead role.

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