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Shridhar Raghavan : ‘Pathaan’ will bring a more positive narrative for the industry

"'Pathaan' will herald the beginning of a more positive narrative for the industry!" says mentor writer of YRF’s Spy Universe, Shridhar Raghavan

Yash Raj Films’ ‘Pathaan’, directed by Siddharth Anand has gone past Bahubali 2 to become the all-time number one Hindi film in India now! Shridhar Raghavan, the mentor writer of Aditya Chopra’s Spy Universe of which the super-spy ‘Pathaan’ is an integral part now, says Pathaan has vaporised the doomsday narrative for Hindi film industry that was being peddled on social media.

He says, “A huge thanks from everyone in the Pathaan team to our viewers for the absolute love they have showered on our film which enabled us to smash so many records and achieve this historic success. It’s particularly heartening considering the weird gloomy doomsday narrative that was projected around Hindi films in general over the last couple years, with naysayers claiming our industry had lost the pulse of the audience, and painting depressing, pessimistic scenarios in general.”

He adds, “Hopefully, Pathaan will herald the beginning of a more positive narrative for the industry, serve as a gentle reminder that whenever anyone makes a film that connects with the audience and entertains them, the audiences will embrace us and give us all their love. Because Indians absolutely love the theatre going experience and our cinema is in our very DNA.”

The Hindi film industry was labelled to be out of touch with the pulse of the audience and it was said to have been boycotted by people after it has entertained generations of Indians through sheer hard work. Shridhar says the film industry is a place where professionals work tirelessly to bring quality cinema to people.

He says, “The Hindi film industry has a tremendous glorious history of making films that connect, emotionally resonate, amaze and entertain and we will continue to do so, with Pathaan being one of hopefully many blockbusters. The sky is the limit.”

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