Why was John the chosen one for I, ME AUR MAIN?

Though he has been tirelessly working on building an image of ‘Action Abraham’ for quite some time now (and is seeing good success there as well), John Abraham would be seen in a romcom I, ME AUR MAIN next. In the words of director Kapil Sharma, he is playing a man-child in the film. However with the kind of physique that John carries, one wonders whether Kapil was not tempted to actually bring in a chocolate boy in the film, say for example the likes of a Shahid Kapoor?

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”Well, I won’t deny that it did play in my mind around what kind of personality would have been best suited for the film,” says Kapil, ”The thing though is that John is playing this character who is intrinsically not a bad guy; it is just that he is a little ignorant towards the need of others. He is self-obsessed but not a hara$mi. Now if we had cast someone like Shahid or any other actor who belongs to the chocolate boy category then there is this particular kind of sincerity that automatically comes in. On the other hand when someone like John plays that character, you know that he is in the control of the universe.”

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Continuing to talk about John’s part of Ishaan in the film, Kapil says, ”He has an overpowering personality due to his physique. However in heart he is still a little bit of ‘bhondu’. When you pick up someone like Shahid, there is certain vulnerability that comes with him. Whereas when it comes to John, you know that there is nothing that he cannot do. Now that contrast is beautiful that lends certain edge to the whole characterisation and film.”

We would love to see that in action when the film releases all over on 1st March.

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