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Yogesh Bhardwaj to play detective in 'Chhipkali', calls it his most challenging role

Yogesh Bhardwaj is all set to play a private detective in the psycho-thriller film 'Chhipkali', based on the book 'Chhayajapon' written by Vinod Ghosal.

Actor Yogesh Bhardwaj, who was last seen in the movie ‘Lost’, is all set to play a private detective in the psycho-thriller film ‘Chhipkali’, starring Yashpal Sharma. It is based on the book ‘Chhayajapon’ written by Vinod Ghosal.

The actor shared how he tried his best to portray a detective in a distinct way and make it look different from the way they are presented generally on-screen.

Yogesh said: “I am playing Rudraksh, a private investigator who is very sharp. He has very strong intuitive power, and he deals with everything with perfection and patience. The challenge for me was to make him different from what has been played to date by others. I wanted to break the stereotype of private detectives by not making it stereotypical and tried to work on my body language and psychology to make it look mysterious. It was one of the most challenging roles for me to date.”

He said: “It is a psycho thriller film, which involves time dimensions. It depicts things that we cannot see but they happen. It is a philosophical film, which has not been created yet in Bollywood and this is one of its kind. It has a very unique element that you won’t find in Sci-Fi films: it blends science with human emotions. This makes it stand out from other movies in this genre.”

Yogesh, while talking about its storyline, said that it is interesting and unique.

“The film is based on a famous novel writer known for his unique writing, but he is not commercially successful in the market. The writer is accused of killing his wife and son and got a clean chit from the court, but a private detective Rudraksh, played by me, enters into his life and reopens this case. He interrogates the writer and how things unfold through this investigation is something you need to watch out for. It’s something very unpredictable with lots of small elements and layers,” he said.

The ‘Ek Ladki ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga’ actor will be seen playing a parallel lead in the film.

While praising his co-actor Yashpal, he said: “He is a very professional actor and director. It was difficult to understand his style of acting for a newcomer like me. He has worked in almost all kinds of cinema and mediums all over the country, so matching his working style and acting skills is a task in itself. His every scene and detailed work was a learning experience for me. He is a complete package and always high on energy on set whom I used to observe and learn from. I feel very fortunate to play a parallel lead in this film.”

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