Here’s why Katy Perry warned fiance Orlando Bloom 'don't do this again'

April 22, 2024
Katy Perry recently took to social media to express her discontent regarding her fiance Orlando Bloom's new TV series.

Singer-songwriter Katy Perry recently took to social media to express her discontent regarding her fiance Orlando Bloom’s new TV series. ‘Orlando Bloom: To The Edge’ features the British actor attempting daring stunts and extreme sports, something ‘American Idol’ judge Katy Perry clearly isn’t a fan of, reports ‘’.

The show has not been well received by the ‘Roar’ hitmaker.

Katy, 39, voiced her disapproval of her partner’s participation in the programme on her Instagram, advising him to “don’t ever do this again”.

According to ‘’, the three-part series showcases Orlando attempting skydiving, diving underwater without an air tank, and rock climbing.

“The person who has been #OnTheEdge this whole time is me,” Katy said regarding the show’s series trailer released on social media.

“Stream baby daddy @orlandobloom’s show on @peacock now to see why I’m so proud, but don’t ever do this again.”

Fans rallied to support Katy as well, with one stating, “I’m so happy for you! You found someone you deserve to have your heart! I can see through your eyes that you are happy and completed.”

Another fan added, “Legolas living on the edge!”

Katy’s criticism of Orlando’s new show follows his teasing of her awkward wardrobe malfunction on the latest episode of American Idol.

Last week, she took to his partner’s Instagram post to jest about her attire, comparing it to a cooking utensil.

Katy had shared images of her outfit on the social media platform, and while most comments were highly complimentary of the metallic top, Orlando’s was less so.

“Glad I could bend that frying pan with my bare hands for you baby,” Orlando quipped.

Katy couldn’t resist responding with her own witty comment, playfully retorting, “@orlandobloom wow good one and I didn’t even write it this time,” she commented.

Actor Alexander James Rodriguez also joined in on the couple’s banter, commenting: “@orlandobloom hehe let’s hope it’s not bent around your ear later.”

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