Sydney Sweeney shares videos of kitesurfing adventure; 'I had a board meeting', she jokes

April 21, 2024
Syndey Sweeney recently took on a challenging water sport.

Actress Syndey Sweeney recently took on a challenging water sport. The 26-year-old ‘Euphoria’ star took to Instagram to share her recent kitesurfing adventure, offering a glimpse into the action through a collage of pictures and videos.

The actress started her Instagram carousel with a photo of herself standing at the edge of a boat against the backdrop of the ocean, Sweeney smiled at the camera while dressed in a blue swim top and white bikini bottoms, reports ‘People’ magazine.

She also sported black swim shoes and a black harness.

Subsequently, she shared a video of herself on the back of a jet ski, gripping a bar and being lifted into the air.

According to ‘People’, another clip showcased Sweeney balancing on a surfboard while holding onto a bar, with a man guiding her on how to navigate the waves in the background.

Additionally, she humorously included a video of one of her failed attempts, where she fell face first into the ocean after launching off her board while holding onto the bar.

She then yelled out, “I flew”, as a man laughed in the background.

In the final image of the carousel, Sweeney blew a kiss to the camera over her shoulder while surrounded by other kite surfers on the boat.

Adding a touch of humour, she captioned the post, “Sorry I couldn’t make it I had a board meeting.”

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