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5 reasons why ‘Rabia and Olivia’ is a must watch

5 reasons why 'Rabia and Olivia' directed by Shadab Khan is a must watch film releasing this Friday on 24th Feb 2023 on Disney+ Hotstar

This week ‘Rabia and Olivia’ award winning Hinglish film is all set to release on Disney+ Hotstar. Rabia and Olivia produced under the banner of Synchron Entertainment and produced by Yousef Sheikh and directed by Shadab Khan. The film was making the headlines due to its title ‘Rabia and Olivia’. As film made in English and Hindi (Hinglish) is an emotional musical human drama, shot in Canada, Saudi Arabia and parts of India. The story of the film is written by Shadab Khan who has been previously directed BA Pass 2 and critically acclaimed X OR Y.

5 reasons why people should watch Rabia and Olivia.

A very different story and concept.
Rabia and Olivia focuses on the core issues of urban and western life around the world. First It focuses on the illegal immigration issue. Just like a lot of youth migrate with an attraction of western countries for better living and later realise the fact of being thrashed with an end number of difficulties in getting legal status. Makes and points out the difference between films which are simply eye pleasing and entertaining as compared to films which touch the soul.

It focuses on mental health.
In the post covid era. It focuses on mental health problems and shows us better and practical positive solutions of problems.

Portrays better parenting, Indian culture and some breath-taking views.
It focuses on better parenting for younger children and their wellbeing. Apart from this it positively focuses on our Indian values and culture in terms of better parenting. On the other side, we see the breathtaking scenery/visuals of Canada, on the other side, we see the overwhelming values of compassion and empathy of our native country India which gives us a reason to smile with pride.

Shows the real world.
In this film you will see the realistic way of living in western countries with a lot of research locally around. And focused on their problems. It’s neat and clean, sensitive and visually rich presentation makes it ideal for a complete family viewing. A fantastic musical human drama with twists and turns with an amalgamation of eastern and western culture.

Good chemistry and a women centric film
The chemistry of Rabia and Olivia with an essence of positive eastern values which shows love and affection and compassion could save and solve all problems. It is mainly a women centric film and moreover supports the idea of women empowerment. Rabia and Olivia comes with the promise of a soul-stirring and thought provoking experience for the viewers through a simple story enacted by some new yet very competent actors.

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