Golden Feathers snubbed by Sharks, Ritesh Agarwal donates Rs 10 lakh

March 13, 2024
‘Shark Tank India’ season 3 witnessed a unique pitch by ‘Golden Feathers’, which create textile products from up-cycled chicken waste

The new episode of ‘Shark Tank India’ season 3 witnessed a unique pitch by ‘Golden Feathers’, which create textile products from up-cycled chicken waste. The team of ‘Golden Feathers’, Radhesh Agrahari, Muskan Sainik and Abhishek Verma, who hail from Jaipur, innovated a new natural fibre by upcycling chicken butchery waste.

During the pitch, Muskan said: “For every one kg of chicken, 650 grams is edible meat, while 350 grams is butchery chicken waste. ‘Golden Feathers’ trains ragpickers to collect waste. The waste is processed through 27 natural sanitation processes and then segregated. 93 per cent of the waste is converted to fertilisers and the feathers are separated from this waste.”

The products are handmade printing and writing papers, quilts, jackets, shawls and mufflers.

Muskan said: “A 65-gram muffler reduces carbon footprints by nine kg, and each tribal woman artisan receives three days of employment. The process patent has been granted and published.”

They asked for Rs 5 crore for 5 per cent equity.

Amit Jain (CEO and co-founder of CarDekho Group) asked: “This sounds like a new invention. You’ve been granted a patent. Is this the first to be done globally? What are your backgrounds? How did you even discover this?”

Radhesh said: “Sir, all three of us have a background in design. When I was working at the Indian Institute Of Crafts and Design, as a food lover, l decided to work on food waste. So, I used chicken waste. It wasn’t my motive to invent the sixth natural fibre.”

Aman Gupta (co-founder and CMO of boAt) asked: “Are you claiming that this is meant for meat eaters?”

To this, Radhesh replied: “Sir, you can say that those who use leather can use feathers.”

Anupam Mittal (founder and CEO of added: “The pashmina shawl is made from sheep’s wool.”

However, the sharks were not impressed with ‘Golden Feathers’, and made no deal with the brand.

Amit suggested them to focus on increasing sales by selling the fiber to shawl manufacturers and others.

Namita Thapar (Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals LTD), said: “I am not liking your thinking. And that is why I don’t wish to be a part of your business. But I hope it’s a revolutionary product that makes India proud. So, wish you the best.”

Aman shared: “I still cannot digest Rs 5 crore! Why do you need Rs 5 crore? Secondly, I don’t believe in your innovation. I can’t invest in what I don’t believe in. I cannot give you 5 crore. Unfortunately, I am out.”

Ritesh Agarwal (founder and CEO of OYO Rooms) added: “I think you should hire a good business executive who belongs to this industry and has sold such products. Because you don’t have that, I am out.”

“But I definitely want to give you something. I want to donate Rs 10 lakh to the NGO you are associated with to help them expand and create more job opportunities. But I cannot be a part of this deal,” he concluded.

‘Shark Tank India 3’ streams on SonyLIV.

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