Kusha Kapila says she became a social media sensation by accident

Kusha Kapila has shared that her career as a comic artiste was born out of accident and now that she has seen what taking chances leads to in terms of new opportunities

Social media influencer Kusha Kapila, who will be seen in a cameo appearance in the upcoming season of the streaming show ‘Minus One: New Chapter’, has shared that her career as a comic artiste on social media was born out of accident and now that she has seen what taking chances leads to in terms of new opportunities, she would like to not limit herself and explore different things.

While talking about her career and her choices, Kusha said, “As an artist, I would love to explore different things. I want to do roles that don’t limit me. I do comedy online and that’s how I started my career, it has actually been an accidental career. Many times, you’re confused about your own career trajectory and I was at a point like what next? What should I do now? This role of Nayantara (in ‘Minus One: New Chapter’) came at a very opportune moment when I was wondering where to go from here.”

She further mentioned, “At times, you have to shed everything you have learnt and submit yourself to the process. Once I remember, Shubham Yogi told me that Kusha, you are mouthing your dialogue. I want you to feel it. So, he asked me to say whatever came to my mind. The process was almost like an acting workshop so, I think just the two days on set I learnt so much. I feel nothing but endless gratitude.”

Breaking stereotypes and challenging the traditional norm of ‘happily ever after’, the show will definitely strike a chord with everyone who may be in, out or in the middle of a relationship.

Talking about the show and how to heal from heartbreaks, Kusha said, “The show is so different from any other romantic show out there. It’s not afraid of showing conflicts. Every day is not the same in a relationship, especially where people cohabitate. The show not only depicts love but also about disagreements, unrest, longevity and tough decisions that are made.”

“It shows the journey that everyone has, which is so different. When it comes to dealing with these situations, heartbreaks and rejections are inevitable. The more we focus on building ourselves up, the more we will be able to handle the situations better,” she added.

Featuring Aisha Ahmed and Ayush Mehra as the leads, ‘Minus One: New Chapter, produced by Writeous Studios and created by Sidhantha Mathur and Shubham Yogi, is set to stream on Lionsgate Play from February 14, 2023.

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