Sunny Leone slams physical violence on ‘MTV Splitsvilla X5’, says even animals have code of conduct

April 20, 2024
Sunny Leone gave a piece of mind to those contestants who feel that physical violence is permissible on the show.

Actress Sunny Leone, who currently hosts the dating reality show ‘MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please’, gave a piece of mind to those contestants who feel that physical violence is permissible on the show.

The actress came down heavily on them and that they are not allowed to hit each other though they can speak as much as they want about the person whom they have a problem with.

During the episode, Sunny firmly said” “‘Splitvsilla’ does not condone violence, when you raise a hand against somebody you are violating their personal space and breaking our rules. Mujhe pata hai bahot saare emotions nikal rahe hai but that doesn’t mean we hit each other and fight like animals because that is what you guys were just now. I actually think that animals have a code of conduct better than what I just saw. You are not allowed to hit each other, bhagwaan ne zabaan di hai woh use karo.”

Her co-host, Tanuj also warned the contestants, as he said, “We understand there are unresolved issues but this is not the way, take this as the last and final warning from us.”

During the episode, the dome session kicked off with dazzling attires and some deliciously scandalous rumours. While Kashish revealed ongoing conversations over her Exploring tactics, sparking intrigue, Addy grappled with doubts about Arica. Sunny challenged Addy to pick a partner from the dumping ground for an oracle session.

Uorfi Javed remarked: “Mera bhi bahut mann karta hai ki mein Oracle ke saamne jaaun but then I just remember mera koi match hi nahi hain. Isiliye main tumhare matches mein bhi gadbad karne aa jaati hoon.”

Uorfi plays the mischief card sending all the safe contestants to the unsafe side.

As Uorfi invited questions, sparking the beginning of exes’ clashes. Anicka recounted past trauma with Lakshay and how Aniket’s intervention saved Deekila from a near-fatal experience when she was possessed.

Amidst the emotional wreckage, Uorfi and Sunny stepped in to comfort Anicka as she breaks down, expressing her desire to leave. While reassuring her, Uorfi said, “Girl we have all been there and this will make you strong.”

In a moment of intensity, Uorfi scolds Siwet for not supporting Anicka and instead causing more conflict.

‘MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please’ is available on MTV and JioCinema.

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