Women who opened up about breast cancer, paving the way for open discussions

From Reluctance to Strength: Women who broke their silence and opened about breast cancer, paving the way for open discussions

The fear and stigma attached to cancer is intense, leaving the person suffering and their families feeling helpless and in despair. It requires individuals to summon their inner strength and determination, facing not only physical battles but also emotional and mental hurdles. Within a society where women are told to shun conversations around breasts, embarrassment and silence often cloaks breast cancer.

However, certain women have emerged as pillars of strength and behind the glamour and triumphs, these women have endured one of life’s most formidable challenges – the battle against breast cancer.

Echoing their stories, Vandana Wagle (played by Pariva Pranati) from Sony SAB’s show ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ is addressing similar issues and encouraging viewers to shed embarrassment associated with breast cancer. This show, like the stories we are about to delve into, inspires society to cast aside fear & shame and foster open dialogue around breast cancer.

Here’s a look at these incredible women from different walks of life, who have fought breast cancer and are encouraging open conversations around it:

Tahira Kashyap

A writer and filmmaker and happens to be married to Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana. Following a breast cancer diagnosis, she documented her ordeal in the book titled “The Last Straw.” With remarkable courage, she openly shared her cancer odyssey on social media, from candidly posting images of her bald head to unflinchingly revealing her scars. Her intent was to serve as a beacon of inspiration for women globally, encouraging them on their own journeys.

Mahima Chaudhary

An Indian actress and model, Mahima Chaudhary candidly shared her journey of beating the disease, while urging individuals to be vigilant in self-detection and regular health check-ups to prevent any delays in diagnosis. She also revealed about finding support from actor Anupam Kher during this challenging time of her life.

Chhavi Mittal

An acclaimed actor and producer proactively utilised her social media platforms to foster awareness about the ailment. From insights into her dietary and fitness regimen to her journey of recuperation, Chhavi consistently imparts glimpses of her battle with cancer. Today, she stands triumphant over the disease and channels her social media influence to enlighten and embolden women regarding self-examination, emphasising the pivotal role early detection plays in saving lives.

Seema Patil

An entrepreneur and wife of Nikhil Kamath is an avid fitness enthusiast. She has penned a blog post with the intention of breaking the silence surrounding cancer post her diagnosis. She raised awareness about the significance of routine health checkups, robust health insurance coverage, and the pivotal role of a strong support system in navigating a life-threatening illness like cancer.

Dr. Ritu Biyani

Ritu Biyani was the first woman from her conservative Marwari community to join the Indian army. She not only defeated breast cancer but also the taboo surrounding it. In an inspiring journey in 2006, Ritu and her then 14-year-old daughter, Tista, drove through 30,220 km in 177 days across the four tips of India and some of the highest motor-able roads in the world to conduct over 140 breast, cervix and oral cancer awareness workshops.

These stories highlight the importance of creating breast cancer awareness and encouraging open conversations on this topic and it is truly inspiring to see shows like Wagle Ki Duniya motivating women to shed fear and embarrassment, because silence can be deadly when it comes to breast cancer.

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