'Big Boss 16' winner MC Stan finally reveals the meaning of 'Shemdi'

February 14, 2023
MC Stan has become a household name after winning the controversial reality show 'Bigg Boss 16'.

‘Basti ka Hasthi’ rapper MC Stan has become a household name after winning the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. But it was not just he who gained the spotlight but also his word ‘Shemdi’.

Stan, whose whose real name is Altaf Shaikh, took home the Bigg Boss trophy along with a whopping over Rs 31 lakh, after he was feted as the winner of the Salman Khan-hosted show on Sunday.

The word ‘Shemdi’ created a tizzy and now Stan, himself as decoded what it means.

“I called Archana that (Shemdi). We were in the house for four months and she had a cold for all four months,” he laughed.

While trying to control his laughter, Stan added: “So, shemdi means ‘nosy’. We used to use the word in hour childhood. I used to speak in this lingo and slangs with my homies (friends). It just came out of my mouth and I don’t know why it became viral.”

Of course, Stan is happy as the ‘mandali’ has brought home the trophy.

“Yes it was a dream. Anyone from the mandali winning is an honour. But I never expected this. From the starting in my life, I have seen unexpected things and I think this is a part of that. I can’t express in words, it is a very crazy feeling.”

Talking about his parents, who come from a humble background, the rapper said: “My mother and father started crying. They were like, he’s gone from where to where. My parents’ reaction was priceless for me.”

Stan said that his motto was not to be in the spotlight but to bring rap and underground music in the mainstream with the Colors show.

“That was my motto. I want to bring rap, not myself. I also wanted to bring my town Pune, P-Town baby in the light.”

Coming out, Stan stays tight with his ‘mandali’ and would like meet them.

“I will only meet the mandali. It was not that we were friends for the show. I found Sajid Khan a very crazy (good) person, he is very practical. That’s why spent time with him and found him relatable. Shiv and I are also very strong friends.”

“I don’t know if I would meet other housemates..if we bump into each other at parties then okay.”

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