Karan Kundrra opens up on Tejasswi Prakash: ‘Have changed a lot for her’

March 20, 2024
Karan Kundrra recently released show ‘Love Adhura’, has shared that he has changed a lot for his lady love Tejasswi Prakash.

Actor Karan Kundrra, who is receiving a lot of positive response for his recently released show ‘Love Adhura’, has shared that he has changed a lot for his lady love Tejasswi Prakash.

Karan recently appeared with his co-star Erica Fernandes on the IMDb original series ‘Burning Questions’, and touched upon different subjects.

Talking about the craziest thing that he has done for Tejasswi, Karan said that with her, it’s always the little things that matter the most.

He said: “With Tejasswi, I don’t have to do crazy, massive things. She’s about the little things. And I think I’ve changed a lot for her. So, you know there are these little things she likes; her idea of romance and love are very different.”

Erica Fernandes said: “I’ve seen him in different phases of his relationships. So, I can speak.”

The actors also shared interesting anecdotes about the series, their time working together, some funny incidents from the sets, and much more.

When asked to describe a scene from the sets of ‘Love Adhura’ where the actors had a lot of fun behind the scenes, Kundrra replied: “There was this one part where we were walking in a jungle. And we started the scene, it was fantastic, beautiful, and we were alone, and the jungle was massive. Suddenly, there were these two buses full of people, at least 150-200 people. All these people who were there, they were all nodding. The jungle, which was totally empty, suddenly had these 200 people, loud music, children, and three tables set up. There were massive utensils of biryani, and we were like, ‘what just happened and how?’”

Erica added: “Just imagine, now when you watch this show, you will go back to that scene. It’s a beautiful scene, but then you will think of the chaotic scenario we had.”

Which reality show, out of the ones he hosted, would Kundrra want to go on as a contestant? The actor answered: “I would definitely do Roadies because of the tasks, and that competitiveness, that ‘no guts, no glory’ kind of madness, adventure, travel, fun.”

Erica shared: “I would love to watch him on a cooking show where he’d be burning down the kitchen.”

When asked about the uniqueness of all the film industries she has worked in, Fernandes remarked: “Regional cinema has a little extra masala. TV is dramatic. Web (OTT) is realistic; everyone has a very different way of making content, and it’s always a nice thing to experience different working processes.”

The show is available to stream on Amazon miniTV.

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