Amazon ‘representatives’ release statement after GM Kannappan’s Amazon delivery faux pas!

February 5, 2024
We have become so lazy to go and pick up a product from the local market that we are ourselves offering Amazon an opportunity to take us for a ride.

On 3rd February we published a (news agency) story with a headline that read ‘Worried about ‘physical safety’, GM Kannappan approaches Amazon after delivery faux pas’. The story was about Indian chess Grandmaster Priyadharshan Kannappan, who had ordered a plastic table on Amazon, and is now fearing for his safety and wondering whether the company has any customer safety policy. This is because he had been abused by the Amazon delivery agent when queried for the non-delivery, and for refusing to take the delivery of the table from the agent’s place.

As a damage control exercise the representatives (read PR) for amazon reached out to glamsham to share a statement from the company which read, “As a customer-centric company, we take great care in the safe delivery of all our customer packages. We are investigating this incident, with our Delivery Service Provider, and will take immediate actions as we learn more from the investigation. We regret the inconvenience experienced by the customer.”

Great, but then surprisingly there is no name attached to the statement. Does it mean that there is no one to take the responsibility? Also a more important point is that the statement was shared only as a damage control exercise because a known personality shared his plight. Else it usually would be brushed under the carpet!

I am saying this because I happened to face a situation, similar if not worse, than this. After making numerous calls to the customer care and trying to make them understand the issue, I was like ‘forget it’ instead of spending more time and breaking head with the insensitive executives sitting behind telephone lines I’d rather pick a fresh product from the local market. Actually speaking, I wouldn’t want to blame these executives too. I’m sure they too are trained to repeatedly ‘regret the inconvenience’, and we want to give them one more chance. We have become so lazy to go and pick up a product from the local market that we are ourselves offering Amazon an opportunity to take us for a ride.

In my case, one of the issues that I feel was scary is that Amazon informed me that someone would get the defective product picked up as soon as possible, who obviously did not turn up and I was sent a message that said that there was ‘no one at home’ (on repeated occasions). Which means that there actually was no attempt made. And the worst case scenario was that (if) someone ‘probably’ came but Amazon did not have the details to track the person and question ‘if there was actually no one at home’. They could not find who came, at what time, etc. In which case how can one feel safe about Amazon and its delivery agents.

However, I still take the blame for not stepping out and looking for the stuff that would be right for me, so that I don’t need to return in the first place or in the worst case scenario, atleast I know who to catch hold of.

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