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Deepa Sree receives prestigious International Diamond Crown award for Astrology and Tarot services in Vietnam

Fashion model and multi-talented individual, Deepa Sree, has added another feather to her cap by winning the Diamond Crown award for her exceptional astrological and tarot reading services. The prestigious award ceremony took place in Vietnam, organized by the International event organiser and Astrologer Sandip Bose where Deepa Sree’s talent and expertise were recognized and celebrated. She also hosted the event, Deepa who is known for her amazing talking skills set the stage on fire.

Deepa Sree is a renowned fashion model, gifted psychic, and tarot reader who has gained international acclaim for her outstanding contributions in the fields of astrology and tarot. With her unique blend of beauty, intelligence, and intuitive abilities, Deepa Sree is committed to helping people find clarity and empowerment through her readings.

Deepa Sree, known for her captivating presence on social media, is now gaining widespread recognition for her remarkable abilities in the realm of astrology and tarot.

As a highly regarded professional, Deepa Sree has dedicated herself to the study and exploration of astrology and tarot. Her passion for these ancient divination practices, combined with her natural intuition, allows her to provide guidance and insights to individuals seeking clarity and direction in their lives.

“I am incredibly honoured and humbled to receive this esteemed Diamond Crown award,” said Deepa Sree. “Astrology and tarot have always fascinated me, being the Youngest daughter of Sitaram Murthy, since a kid I helped my dad and it brings me immense joy to help people through my powerful sixth sense. I am grateful for this recognition and look forward to continuing my journey of guiding and supporting mankind.”

Deepa Sree’s accolades extend beyond her beauty and modelling career, showcasing her versatility and wide range of talents. Her dedication and commitment to honing her skills in astrology and tarot have made her a trusted advisor for many individuals across the globe.

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