Samantha Ruth Prabhu calls Hina Khan ‘Warrior’ as she is diagnosed with Stage Three breast cancer

Hina Khan's brave revelation of her Stage Three breast cancer diagnosis and her commitment to overcoming it has garnered significant support from her fans and peers alike
July 2, 2024
Hina Khan and Samantha Ruth Prabhu
Hina Khan and Samantha Ruth Prabhu_pic courtesy Instagram

It’s heartwarming to see the camaraderie and support among celebrities in the face of health challenges. Hina Khan’s brave revelation of her Stage Three breast cancer diagnosis and her commitment to overcoming it has garnered significant support from her fans and peers alike. The solidarity shown by Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who has her own health battles with the autoimmune condition Myositis, is particularly touching.

In her Instagram post, Samantha shared a video from Hina Khan, captioning it with, “Praying for you, Hina Khan. #Warrior.” Hina Khan responded with a heartfelt message, acknowledging Samantha’s strength and resilience. Their exchange exemplifies the mutual encouragement and positivity that can be a powerful source of strength in difficult times.

Hina Khan’s announcement on Instagram about her diagnosis emphasizes her determination and readiness to tackle the disease head-on. Her openness and transparency about her journey with breast cancer are likely to inspire many who are going through similar challenges.

She started her first chemo and shared a video captioned, “This award night, I knew about my cancer diagnosis, but I made a conscious choice to normalise it – not just for myself, but for all of us. This was the day that changed everything, it marked the beginning of one of the most challenging phases of my life. So Let’s do some affirmations. We become what we believe in and I have decided to take this challenge as an opportunity to reinvent myself, again. I have decided to keep the spirit of positivity as the first tool in my toolkit. I choose to Normalise this experience for me and I have consciously decided to manifest the outcome I desire. For me work commitments matter. For me my motivation, passion and art matters. I refuse to bow down. This award that I received right before my first chemo was not my motivation alone, infact I attended this event to reassure my self that I am living up to the benchmark, I have set up for myself.
MIND OVER MATTER. I attended the event and went straight up to the hospital for my first chemo. I humbly urge everyone out there too to first Normalise the challenges of your lives then set goals for yourself and try to live up to them all along the way. No matter how hard. Never back down. Never give up.”

On the professional front, Samantha Ruth Prabhu continues to make strides in her acting career. Her recent film, “Kushi,” co-starring Vijay Deverakonda, has been well-received, and she is set to appear in the upcoming series “Citadel: Honey Bunny” with Varun Dhawan. Directed by Raj and DK, this project blends the intensity of a spy action thriller with a love story set in the 90s, showcasing Samantha’s versatility as an actress.

Hina Khan shares a video from her first chemo

The support between Hina Khan and Samantha Ruth Prabhu highlights the strength and solidarity within the entertainment industry, serving as a reminder of the importance of community and support during challenging times.

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