Raj Grover’s relatable and funny videos amass millions of views in just a few hours

While people spend hours scrolling through reels, individuals like Raj Grover ensure that their every minute is worth it!

What do you do when you take a break from your work or are bored? Watching Instagram reels and YouTube shorts has become the new source of entertainment these days. While people spend hours scrolling through these reels, individuals like Raj Grover ensure that their every minute is worth it!

Among the cosmic number of influencers on Instagram, this 15-year-old is setting a benchmark with his relatable and funny reels. The content creator knows a thing or two about making people giggle while addressing daily life situations.

Raj Grover’s snarky reels are the reason why he is always drenched in love and support. His reels are so hilarious that they go viral and garner millions of views promptly after being posted. Many of his recently released reels that have crossed a million views are Irritating Sales Call, Street Dogs Vs Pet Dogs, Every Kite Chase Run Ever, Winters and Obsession of Carrots, Girl’s Voice in Front of Her BF Vs Others, and many more.

All of these reels have crashed the internet, and for the right reasons. One of Raj’s reels that has amassed over 10 million views is Ordering Food at Fancy Restaurant. You too wouldn’t deny how relatable this reel is. The range of items offered, with their sub-varieties and types, takes a toll on us, especially when we are hungry.

Not only on Instagram, but even on YouTube, his shorts have received millions of views. Also, his video Hypocrisy in India has amassed more than a million views in just two weeks since its release. Raj Grover’s other videos, like Boys Trip Gone Wrong, Types of Moms, Birthdays of Different Ages, etc., have received more than a million views on YouTube.

Raj Grover has earned a place in millions of hearts at such a young age, and we are sure that he will keep entertaining us with his super-entertaining reels.

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