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Writing 'Drama Queen' was a kind of catharsis: Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

Even as actor, singer and artist Suchitra Krishnamoorthi staged her solo play “Drama Queen refreshed” in Delhi and Gurugram on June 4 and 5, respectively, a new version of her earlier play based on the novel she wrote by the same time, the actor says about the new production directed by Randhir Roy that is shorter, has animation songs and other elements.

“We grow every day. With every experience, every interaction, every performance. Every show is new and one cannot take anything for granted,” she says.

The play woven into her experience on the years post her divorce from director Shekhar Kapur, brings out questions on the changing ways of Indian culture and beliefs. Wicked, over the top, funny, yet also vulnerable and dark, she does not really feel any pain remembering the past while writing it.

“Writing it was a kind of catharsis. To be able to look back at difficult events in your life with humour surely means the heart has healed. My family initially had reservations but later understood my artistic point of view. My mother laughed the loudest when she saw it on stage – she loved it,” Suchitra told IANS.

A trained Indian classical musician, painter, actor and also a writer, she stresses that all these avatars are important to her.

“While I enjoy them all equally – but I guess my core competence is music. Everybody who knows me from my childhood knows me as the girl always singing on the stage.”

Stressing that theatre is all about being in the present moment and that she enjoys the discipline and mental agility that this art form forces one to maintain, the artist, who made her acting debut debuted with the series “Chunauti” in the year 1987 and was recently seen in “Guilty Minds” on Amazon Prime feels that the OTT has revolutionalised actors’ lives.

“It is fantastic. Actors especially have never had it so good. The employment rate is high. Nowadays, the challenge is to grab attention and be noticed for your performance. Be it ‘My Wife’s Murder’ or ‘Guilty Minds’, I like doing stuff that is different and challenging.”

Admitting that while she has turned down several good projects and came onboard many mediocre ones, a smiling Suchitra said: “Now I’m trying to be more practical and sensible.”

Ask her if there were any mental blocks or apprehensions while ‘coming back’ considering she has taken a long break from the spotlight, and she asserts: “Of course. I am always apprehensive and never take anything for granted. But at the same time, I am at that stage in my life where there is no such thing as a mistake.”

–By Sukant Deepak

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