Good Newwz Movie Review | Joy of the year!!

GOOD NEWWZ could hold itself up as one of the those ageless joys on screen that can be enjoyed with your family again and again.
December 26, 2019
GOOD NEWWZ could hold itself up as one of the those ageless joys on screen that can be enjoyed with your family again and again.

GOOD NEWWZ movie review is here. The comedy movie stars Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh, and Kiara Advani. Directed by debutant Raj Mehta, the movie is presented by Zee Studios in association with Dharma Productions and Cape of Good Films. GOOD NEWWZ is scheduled to theatrically release in India on 27 December 2019. So how good is the news’?!, let’s find out in the movie review of GOOD NEWWZ.

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll
Akshay Kumar delivers the joy of the year with this wholesome entertainer that can be watched with your family again and again.

The Story of GOOD NEWWZ
A story of two Batra’s. First one a suave upbeat middle age couple from Mumbai – Varun (Akshay Kumar) and Deepti (Kareena Kapoor Khan) aka Deepu. The other a colorful and a bit OTT from Chandigarh – businessman/artiste Honey (Diljit Dosanjh) and homemaker Monika (Kiara Advani), Both the Batra’s are trying to conceive a child naturally but in vain. The unsuccessful attempts of gaining parenthood through normal biological methods brings both the Batra’s at a posh and well recognized infertility clinic in Mumbai, owned by Doctor Joshi (Adil Hussain) and his wife (Tisca Chopra). What happens next forms the crux of this thoroughly entertaining feel good joy of the year.

GOOD NEWWZ movie review
Trust Akshay Kumar in getting rubaru with taboo every now and then in the mainstream format as a producer and actor. OMG: OH MY GOD, PAD MAN, TOILET: A LOVE STORY and the legacy ‘joyfully’ continues with GOOD NEWWZ and the best news about GOOD NEWWZ is that it hardly has any ‘bad news’ with it.

A marvelously feel good entertainer right from frame one till the end. GOOD NEWWZ is an example of how to achieve a fine balance between the pathos of couples unable to conceive biologically due to various reasons, the boon of science and the magic of feel-good cinema finely ‘delivered’. Nurtured continuously by a showcase of superb understanding of the subject matter in the writings by Jyoti Kapoor, Raj Mehta and Rishabh Sharma where the characters, the story, the message, and the acting blend together as a loving inseparable family. This makes GOOD NEWWZ not just a holiday favorite for families, but a wholesome joyous movie by all standards that can be enjoyed with your family again and again.

Words like ‘sperm’, some sexual positions are uttered but the scenario is successful in enlightening the audience/masses with the subject matter – IVF (In vitro fertilization) and smartly maintains its sarcasms and sly humour from time to time.

Director Raj Mehta in his debut as director showcases his brilliance in giving a primarily situational comedy like GOOD NEWWZ some depths and winning emotional turns that speak about motherhood, women hood and the joy of having a child, the boon of science and the said gift of god.

Raj Mehta as a story teller shows his caliber as a narrator who knows what is happening and what was in his mind before the shoot. He blends emotions with situations like sugar in milk and shows great command in getting some top-notch performances from his principal cast.

Akshay Kumar excels in the role of Varun – the character blessed with shades gets enriched by the Akshay’s winning performance. Will be rated as one of his best.

Kareena Kapoor Khan looks radiant and is just perfect for the role. You just cannot imagine anyone else then Kareena in the role of Deepu. Her comic timings and outstanding command during the dramatic scenes is sheer delight. One word – Briliant.

Diljit Dosanjh seems to be born to play Honey. Endearing right from the word go, this colorful, sweet, innocent Punjabi with an OTT effect cracks fun at the throw of a hat. Thoroughly entertaining.

Kiara Advani is cute and charming as the obedient wife and the actress wins heart by her loving portrayal as Monika and achieves some brownie points in emotionally charged moments as well.

The supporting cast adds to the joy where Adil Hussain as the doctor is remarkable. Tisca Chopra as her partner is fantastic. Anjana Sukhani is fabulous.

Technically sound with rich production values. Cinematography by Vishnu Rao, production design by Shashank Tere and costume design by Aki Narula are eye candy. Editing by Manish More is crisp.

Music by Tanishk Bagchi, Rochak Kohli, Lauv, Lijo George–DJ Chetas, Badshah, Manj Musik–Herbie Sahara, Sukhbir and Kshmr has two winners ‘Sauda Khara Khara’ and ‘Chandigarh’.

Final words
GOOD NEWWZ is the best news of 2019. It’s a feel-good mainstream movie that today will be termed as the joy of the year. Don’t be surprised if later in future this wholesome entertainer starring Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh, and Kiara Advani holds itself up as one of the those ageless joys on screen that can be enjoyed with your family again and again. (An extra for the subject matter and ending the year with such joy and hope)

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