‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’ Review | A rib-tickling family entertainer

February 9, 2024
With a compelling storyline, and timely exploration of the ethics of AI, 'Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya' is a must-watch for anyone seeking something fresh and thought-provoking

‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’ marks a refreshing departure from conventional cinema, delving into the complexities of human emotions and the evolving relationship between man and machine. Directed by the dynamic duo of debutante filmmakers Amit Joshi and Aradhana Sah, this film presents a thought-provoking narrative that challenges societal norms and explores the blurred lines between humanity and artificial intelligence (AI).

Basic Premise
At its core, ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’ revolves around the unlikely romance between Aryan (played with charm and depth by Shahid Kapoor), a talented robotic engineer, and SIFRA (portrayed with grace and nuance by the radiant Kriti Sanon), a humanoid android created by Aryan’s aunt (superbly portrayed by the veteran actress Dimple Kapadia). As their relationship blossoms, the film navigates the intricacies of love, acceptance, and the consequences of crossing boundaries in the pursuit of happiness.

Lead Performances
Shahid Kapoor delivers a captivating performance as Aryan, effortlessly transitioning from moments of humour to moments of vulnerability as he grapples with his feelings for SIFRA.

Kriti Sanon shines as SIFRA, infusing the character with a perfect blend of innocence and curiosity, captivating audiences with her portrayal of an AI discovering the complexities of human emotions.

Beyond Performance
Beyond their individual performances, Kapoor and Sanon share a natural rapport that translates seamlessly onto the screen. Their chemistry feels organic and unforced, allowing viewers to immerse themselves fully in the story and root for their characters’ relationship to blossom. Whether they’re sharing a heartfelt conversation or stealing glances across a crowded room, every interaction between Kapoor and Sanon feels genuine and heartfelt, adding depth and dimension to their characters’ journey.

Supporting Cast
They are supported by a stellar ensemble cast, including the legendary Dharmendra as Aryan’s wise and supportive grandfather, and the charismatic Dimple Kapadia as his aunt, and Rakesh Bedi, Anubha Fatehpuria, Rajesh Kumar, Grusha Kapoor, Brijesh Shukla and Raashul Tandon adding layers of depth to the narrative with their memorable performances.

The music of the film is already a fan favourite with hits such as ‘Laal Peeli Akhiyaan’, ‘Akhiyaan Gulaab’, ‘Tum Se’ and the evergreen title song ‘Teri Baaton Mein’.

Critic’s Point of View
‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’ is a testament to the power of storytelling and the ability to challenge preconceived notions. The film’s pace is breezy and it has fun-filled moments throughout, making it a laughter riot, with an unpredictable, supremely entertaining, cinematically beautiful, hair-raising climax.

The film’s novel concept and engaging screenplay is refreshing. Amit Joshi and Aradhana Sah should be commended for their bold vision and willingness to explore themes rarely seen in mainstream cinema with a potent and well-intended climax.

‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’ is a delightful blend of romance, comedy and social commentary, offering audiences a unique cinematic experience that lingers long after the final credits roll.

Final Word
With its stellar performances, compelling storyline, and timely exploration of the ethics of AI, this film is a must-watch for anyone seeking something fresh and thought-provoking at the movies.

Movie: Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya
Director(s): Amit Joshi, Aradhana Sah
Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Dharmendra, Dimple Kapadia, Rakesh Bedi, Anubha Fatehpuria, Rajesh Kumar and Raashul Tandon
Duration: 143 minutes


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