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5 things we learnt after watching MARY KOM

The much hyped MARY KOM based on the life of boxer MC Mary Kom released this week. While the real life story of the boxer is inspiring, we can’t really say the same about the film. Nevertheless, there are definitely a few things that the film teaches us. While most of them are actually inadvertent, we’ll share them with you anyway. However, before we do so, let’s warn you that they contain spoilers. So read them at your own risk.

With your father’s blessings on your side, you can achieve anything

Imagine this. Mary Kom (Priyanka Chopra) is playing an international match abroad and is finding it really tough to beat her opponent. Back home, her entire family (except her father, whom she’s fought with) and quite a few people from her neighbourhood are watching her play on a TV set. Suddenly her father has a change of heart and starts cheering for her with the rest of the gang. The moment he does so, Priyanka shifts gears and goes on to win the match from a losing position. It’s as if she somehow got to know in the middle of the match that her father is supporting her and hence started playing well.

When you’re super angry, go bald
In one of the scenes from the film, Mary Kom (Priyanka) is furious when she’s unable to find her passport. So what does she do? She shaves off all her hair and goes bald. 'Sar bhari ho gaya tha, gala to nahin kaat sakti thi na?' she says.

If it’s a sport film, negative characters are a must
Most sport films in Bollywood have negative characters and MARY KOM is no exception. This time, it’s an officer from the Boxing Federation who is shown in a negative light.

Don’t become a boxer if you want to get married
Mary Kom’s father dissuades her from becoming a boxer as he thinks no one will marry her if she becomes one. ‘Tera mooh-naak tut jayega to tere se shaadi kaun karega?’ he says.

Want to make the audience “emotional”? Play 'Jana Gana Mana'

If you want to take your audience on an “emotional” ride but are running short of ideas, play the National Anthem. This is exactly what happens in the climax of the film. 

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