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Deepshikha Nagpal: With my personality I can't be cast in a 'bechari' role

Mumbai, April 19 (IANS) Television actress Deepshikha Nagpal rose to fame after playing some grey shades and negative roles. She says while being cast in negative roles used to bother her earlier, she has now made peace with the situation.

“I enjoy playing negative characters, as those characters are the ones that add twists and turns to the shows and films and makes them interesting. However, earlier it used to bug me that why am I always being cast in a negative role,” Deepshikha tells IANS.

“Now I understand my personality and my aura is so strong that I can’t be cast in a ‘bechari (helpless) role’, the audience won’t accept me, ” Deepshikha claims.

She currently plays the negative role of Lalita in the show “Ranju Ki Betiyaan”. She reveals that her negative characters make people hate her but she takes it as a compliment.

“I am doing negative shades for 20 years so now I am used to these comments and I just laugh it out. This isn’t the case with youngsters, they come and tell me that I look so beautiful and hot, I don’t look like a mother of two children, ” the actress signs off with a laugh.



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