Jahangir National University: Is Bollywood ready for yet another propaganda film before the elections?

We now have the grotesque amalgamation of cinema and politics embodied in the forthcoming film, 'Jahangir National University' (JNU).

The ongoing elections 2024 have unleashed a frenzy of political opportunism and theatrical absurdity. As if the spectacle of actors jumping into the political fray wasn’t enough, we now have the grotesque amalgamation of cinema and politics embodied in the forthcoming film, ‘Jahangir National University’ (JNU).

This cinematic debacle features a mishmash of familiar faces from the entertainment industry, including Siddharth Bodke, Urvashi Rautela, Ravi Kishan, Piyush Mishra, Vijay Raaz, and Rashami Desai. However, instead of showcasing any semblance of artistic merit or intellectual depth, the teaser for ‘Jahangir National University’ is an insipid display of theatrical bombast and vacuous sensationalism.

Released amidst a deafening silence and a palpable lack of public interest, the promotional material for this film reeks of desperate attempts to manufacture controversy for the sole purpose of garnering attention. The narrative presented is not just one-dimensional but egregiously biased, reflecting a clear agenda to manipulate public opinion in the run-up to the elections.

The production house behind this cinematic travesty, Mahakaal Movies, seems pathetically deluded in their aspirations to emulate the success of films like ‘The Kerala Story’ and ‘The Kashmir Files’. However, their feeble efforts only serve to highlight the film’s lack of authenticity and intellectual integrity. ‘Jahangir National University’ shamelessly peddles propaganda disguised as entertainment, aiming to brainwash unsuspecting viewers and sway their political allegiances.

Scheduled for release mere days before the Lok Sabha Elections, one can’t help but question the ulterior motives behind this strategic timing. Is it a calculated move to influence voter sentiment or simply a crass attempt at exploiting the political climate for commercial gain? Regardless of the answer, one thing remains abundantly clear – ‘Jahangir National University’ is nothing more than a contemptible piece of cinematic trash that deserves to be swiftly consigned to the annals of forgettable propaganda.

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