Kangana Ranaut slams film industry over her airport attack slap incident also updates on her upcoming film ‘Emergency’

June 7, 2024
Kangana Ranaut and Kulwinder Kaur
Kangana Ranaut and Kulwinder Kaur_pic courtesy X

The incident involving Kangana Ranaut at the Chandigarh airport has sparked significant attention and debate.

Kangana Ranaut was travelling from Chandigarh to New Delhi when a confrontation occurred with a CISF jawan during a security check at the airport. According to Kangana’s statement, a female CISF constable, Kulwinder Kaur, slapped her and used abusive language, allegedly due to Kaur’s dissatisfaction with Kangana’s previous comments about Punjab ladies participating in the farmers’ protests.

Kangana issued a video statement to assure her supporters that she is safe. She expressed her concern over the incident, questioning the handling of what she referred to as “terrorism” in Punjab. Her message was a mixture of reassurance about her safety and a critique of the broader social and political environment, particularly in Punjab.

Kangana Ranaut slapped by CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur at Chandigarh airport

Kangana’s reaction extended beyond the immediate incident. She criticized the film industry for its lack of support, drawing a parallel between her situation and broader issues of free speech and safety. She emphasized that if industry peers faced similar situations, she would stand up for their rights, thereby highlighting a perceived double standard in support within the industry.

She posted on her Instagram story, “Dear Film industry you are either celebrating or are you totally mum on the airport attack on me remember if tomorrow you are walking disarmingly or some street on your country or anywhere else in the world or some Israeli/Palestine hits you or your children just because you tried to bring eyes to Rafah or stood up for Israeli hostage then you will see I will be fighting for your rights in free speech if someday you wonder why I am, where I am remember you are not me.”

Kangana’s statement and the subsequent reactions highlight the polarized environment in Indian society concerning political and social issues. Her call for solidarity and her critique of the film industry’s silence reveal underlying tensions within the industry and among public figures regarding political activism and free speech.

The Chandigarh airport incident involving Kangana Ranaut is more than just a personal altercation; it is a reflection of broader societal and political conflicts. Kangana’s response, criticizing both the incident and the lack of support from her industry peers, underscores the complex dynamics of celebrity, politics, and activism in contemporary India


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Kangana also updates on her upcoming film Emergency. She shared a photo on her Instagram story in which an elderly lady is killed by people in uniform. She captioned the post, “Emergency will be out soon to show how disarmed elderly lady was killed inside her own house by people in uniform who she trusted with her security and they used 35 bullets to kill one old aged lady, story of brave Khalistanis will be out soon.”

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