Rimple & Harpreet: Our collaboration with SLB has been a life-changing experience

Rimple & Harpreet's journey in costume designing took a transformative turn

In 2016, Rimple & Harpreet’s journey in costume designing took a transformative turn when filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali discovered the designer duo during their Couture Show and entrusted them with the opportunity to work on ‘Padmaavat’.

They consider themselves fortunate that “costume designing” found them.

Known for their marori work, after enchanting the fashion lovers on the runway with their creations, Rimple and Harpreet gave out dreamy designs for films such as ‘Padmaavat’, ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’, and ‘Housefull 4’.

Talking about what made them choose costume designing for films, Harpreet told IANS: “We would say that we are the fortunate ones, for costume designing to have found us. Our belief in our creations and the nuanced storytelling woven into every stitch and garment is unwavering, rooted in authenticity.”

The year 2016 changed it all for the designers.

“However, it was ultimately Bhansali who discovered us during our Couture Show in 2016 and entrusted us with the transformative opportunity to bring his vision to fruition in ‘Padmaavat’.”

“Our collaboration with him has been a life-changing experience, one for which we are forever grateful. We aspire to continue creating impactful work for audiences, fueled by our passion and dedication to the craft,” added Rimple.

Regarding their signature looks blending into Bollywood fashion, Harpreet said: “Our signature aesthetic, while not futuristic or modern, holds a timeless appeal that transcends trends. We believe that a deep understanding of the past is essential in crafting designs that resonate with the modern world and endure into the future.”

“Drawing inspiration from our travels and eclectic bohemian influences, we infuse our creations with captivating elements that add depth and intrigue. Whether it’s designing for the silver screen or real-life muses, we strive to imbue our work with unique touches that reflect the dynamic nature of the world around us,” he added.

Rimple shared that in infusing their signature with Bollywood fashion, they aim “to create garments that not only captivate audiences but also stand the test of time, embracing the richness of tradition while embracing the spirit of the present and future.”

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