'The Silent Prayer’ director Senthil Vinu has disturbing memories of 1984 riots in Coimbatore

Senthil Vinu has shared that he has some disturbing memories from the riots of 1984 that ravaged Coimbatore

Senthil Vinu, who has directed the upcoming film ‘The Silent Prayer’, has shared that he has some disturbing memories from the riots of 1984 that ravaged Coimbatore. ‘The Silent Prayer’, which will be screened at the Red Lorry Film Festival on April 5, is based on the 1984 riots in Coimbatore.

The story of the film is told through the lens of young Sikh siblings caught in the whirlwind of events far beyond their control.

This film pays tribute to their unconquerable spirit, illustrating how, amid the gravest of times, the purest light of humanity is often ignited by the youngest among us all.

Recollecting his experience, director Senthil Vinu said: “I have some very disturbing memories from the riots of 1984 in Coimbatore. But as I travelled around India and the world, I discovered that the broader populace remained largely unaware of the riots that ravaged Coimbatore. Yet, amid the ashes of destruction, I observed something remarkable the resilience of the Sikh community.”

He added, “Despite their establishments being reduced to ashes, they embarked on a journey of rebuilding from scratch, forging ahead with their lives. Astonishingly, they harbored no animosity towards the city or its inhabitants, choosing instead to view the ordeal as a dark chapter in their past.”

The music for the film has been crafted by the veteran music composer Ilaiyaraaja.

Producer Nisha Patial also shared the story of how the veteran composer came on-board for the film.

She shared that Ilaiyaraaja was impressed by the narrative of the film, and felt that the film is meant for the global audience.

Sharing how the composer agreed to do the film, Nisha said: “Our paths had previously crossed with the maestro for another venture, which, due to unforeseen circumstances, was paused. Yet, destiny had its plans when ‘The Silent Prayer’ was conceived. Presenting the raw version of our film to him was a moment charged with anticipation. His response not only uplifted our spirits but also affirmed our belief in the film’s universal appeal. Maestro said after seeing the ‘film that is meant for the global audience and the music also needs to be global’. He was humble enough to give us the opportunity to listen to us for what kind of music is needed.”

“The subsequent moments were surreal. As we prepared to leave, anticipating discussions and planning in the coming days, Ilaiyaraja’s words halted us in our tracks. ‘Where are you going? The musicians are waiting in the studio’, The maestro had decided; the creation begins now. The immediacy, the spontaneity of his decision, was both a surprise and a testament to his dedication and passion for music,” she added.

“As the notes flowed, so did the emotions, touching something deep within, bringing tears of joy and a profound sense of gratitude. In that moment, it was clear; Ilaiyaraja doesn’t just create music. He weaves emotions, crafting melodies that speak directly to the soul,” she concluded.

‘The Silent Prayer’ is produced by Nisha Patial of Palampur Talkies and Directed by Senthil Vinu.

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