BAFTA Awards: Best Film not in English for Auschwitz drama 'The Zone of Interest'

February 18, 2024
The UK-Polish historical drama about Auschwitz concentration camp, 'The Zone of Interest', based on the 2014

The UK-Polish historical drama about Auschwitz concentration camp, ‘The Zone of Interest’, based on the 2014 novel by Martin Amis, has won the BAFTA for the best film not in the English language, reports BBC.

Directed by Jonathan Glazer, the film, which has also been nominated for Oscars, focuses on the family of the camp commandant, Rudolf Höss, his wife Hedwig and their five children living a regular life next door to the chamber of horrors.

Hoss ran Auschwitz between 1940 and 1943, and used poisonous insecticide Zyklon B to gas prisoners. An estimated 1.1 million were murdered at Auschwitz, one million of whom were Jews. Yet, just metres away, his family enjoyed their spacious house, plentiful food and manicured garden — separated from the camp by a concrete wall, notes BBC.

Glazer, who made the film near the site in Auschwitz, chose to hint at the terrible events inside the camp. We hear muffled screams, gunshots and the churn of machinery, while smoke from the crematoria billows overhead, adds BBC.

Earlier, Sophie Ellis-Bextor had the first performance of the evening. She did ‘Murder on the Dance Floor’, the song that had a massive comeback and made it back into the Top 10, thanks to ‘Saltburn’, the twisted thriller from director Emerald Fennell, reports BBC.

The song features in the eye-popping nude finale starring actor Barry Keoghan, which has inspired a string of viral tributes.

Dressed in a black dress and orange sash, Ellis-Bextor was supported by energetic backing singers, notes BBC. At the end of her rendition, the camera cut to Keoghan cheering enthusiastically, not in the buff of course!

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