Cillian Murphy 'moved to Ireland as he was desperate for quiet life'

January 26, 2024
Cillian Murphy moved out of London as he was desperate to "live a quiet life" away from the showbiz glare he "hates".

Hollywood star Cillian Murphy moved out of London as he was desperate to “live a quiet life” away from the showbiz glare he “hates”.

The ‘Oppenheimer’ star has been walking on red carpets for months courtesy his now-Oscar nominated portrayal of nuclear physicist J Robert Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ epic.

A source said he has a personal “hatred” for the showy side of being a star and would far rather indulge his passion for listening to music at the four-storey, six-bed Victorian family home in Ireland he shares with his 51-year-old artist wife Yvonne McGuinness, who he married in 2004 and their two children.

An insider told Hello! magazine: “Cillian is a really nice guy, but very private.

“He really hates that side of being an actor — the press, the attention. But in his friendship group, a tight-knit group of people he knows and trusts, he’s really relaxed. He’s not shy, he’s really good company and he’s funny. And he’s really into music. Apart from acting, that’s his thing.

“He moved to Ireland from North London when his kids were young. He just wanted to get away from it all, live a quiet life.”

When he was a rising star Murphy made the decision to move with his and Yvonne’s two boys to his native Ireland from his house in North London, reports

They moved to Monkstown, Dublin, where they still live.

Murphy grew up in Cork, where he attended the Catholic secondary Presentation Brothers College, and went on to study law at University College in his home city — but also starred in some of its drama productions, reports

His first role was in the stage version of ‘Disco Pigs’ in 1996, and the success of the production led to him moving into acting and then to London, where he appeared in theatre and filmed his breakout role in Danny Boyle’s zombie horror ‘28 Days Later’.

He’s already picked up the Golden Globe for best actor for his role in 2023’s ‘Oppenheimer’, and is one of the bookies’ favourites to repeat the feat at the Oscars in March.

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