Dwayne Johnson says 'there are no drawbacks' to fame

Dwayne Johnson shared a candid video message with fans, after being asked to explain the benefits and drawbacks of fame.

Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson shared a candid video message with fans, after being asked to explain the benefits and drawbacks of fame. “For me, the drawbacks are, there are no drawbacks to fame,” Johnson said in the selfie clip shared on Instagram, which was taken inside a gym, reports people.com.

“I have been a lucky son of a bitch to have been famous for a long time, and I realise that there are no drawbacks to fame because I remember how s— once was,” he added.

“Back in the day, the alternative to fame (was) not being famous, and I couldn’t pay rent, I was struggling to figure out who I was, I was broke as f—. I try my best to keep all of that in the forefront of my mind.”

Johnson then noted that remembering his past struggles with money gives him “good perspective”, “balance” and “an anchor” for when the “blender of noise can always follow fame.”

“I never let that go,” he continued.

“I always say, ‘I’m a day away from being evicted again’ so it keeps me hungry. So for me, there are no drawbacks to fame. I got a lot of celebrity friends who completely disagree with me, and that’s okay. We have had healthy discussions about fame. And that’s okay, having a difference of opinion. It invites dialogue. It invites discussion. But for me, there are no drawbacks.”

Johnson still admitted, however, that he’s had to learn to live with not being able to go out in public as frequently.

“I miss going to the mall. I miss going to the stores. Just hoping in my car and going (to the) grocery store, drug store, the mall, wherever,” Johnson said.

“All that has gone away years and years ago, so anytime I go, it’s a thing. Gotta call ahead, logistics, security.”

Johnson also said that every now and then he does get the urge to go shopping by himself, but things eventually turn into a “zoo.”

Ultimately, being spotted isn’t a “drawback” to Johnson, he said, as it’s “what you sign up for” as a public figure.

For benefits, outside of “free tacos,” Johnson shared that the “greatest” of them all is “being able to impact people in a positive way around the world.”

“I always tell people this. There’s young digital influencers out there, social media, entertainment, singers, athletes, all these young bloods who think, ‘Hey, I gotta chase fame, greatness equals fame, fame equals greatness.’ And I always share this with everybody I talk to,” Johnson added.

“I learned over the years to not chase fame, and I share that with people today who are on the come up,” he continued. “Don’t chase fame. Chase being great at something. Chase greatness. Fame will come, or it won’t, but if you’re great at something, that’s enduring.”

Johnson then shared a quote from legendary running back Walter Payton: “If you’re good at something, you will tell everyone. If you’re great, they’ll tell you.”

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