‘Mission: Impossible’ star Indira Varma to host Podcast ‘The Spy Who’ with Raza Jaffrey

February 15, 2024
Indira Varma, are set to co-host a new espionage podcast for Wondery.

Indian-origin actress Indira Varma, who is known for ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1’, and ‘Homeland’ actor Raza Jaffrey are set to co-host a new espionage podcast for Wondery.

Indira is the child of an Indian father and a Swiss mother who was of part Genoese Italian descent. Her mother was a graphic designer and her father was an illustrator.

The logline of the podcast reads “Each season goes deep into the real-life story of a special agent, unearthing daring missions, double crosses and dangerous liaisons,” reports Variety.

Season 1 is titled ‘The Spy Who Inspired 007’ and tells the story of Serbian spook Dusko Popov, who worked for MI5, MI6 and the FBI during World War II.

With a reputation for women, gambling and intrepidness, it’s no wonder Popov is said to be the inspiration for James Bond.

As per Variety, legend has it that when Bond creator Ian Fleming saw the Serbian spy place an “outrageous” bet in a casino one night, the seeds for 007 were planted.

“From discovering the secrets of Japanese interest in Pearl Harbour to passing off disinformation to Germany around the D-Day landings. What is the truth behind the legend of Popov? And is he truly the spy on whom 007 was based?” asks the podcast.

In the last episode Varma and Jaffrey will be joined by the relative of a real-life spy, Charlotte Philby, whose grandfather was Soviet double agent Kim Philby. Charlotte will interview an espionage expert connected to the story of Popov.

“This gripping new series fuses Wondery’s cinematic approach to storytelling with a razor-sharp script, creating a thrilling new podcast with global appeal”, said Jessica Radburn, head of international podcast content at Wondery. “Our brilliant hosts Indira and Raza will plant listeners in the heat of the action, taking you on a journey deep into the mysterious world of espionage, intelligence and undercover agents.”

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