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Robert Downey Jr shocks fans, says he’s ‘done’ with Marvel movies

Robert Downey Jr. has recently confirmed that he's "done" with Marvel movies for good, ruling out any potential return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Robert Downey Jr. has recently confirmed that he’s “done” with Marvel movies for good, ruling out any potential return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Speaking to Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Seas Hayes on their SmartLess podcast, the 55-year-old actor, who played Tony Stark in Iron Man and several other spinoffs such as Avengers, shared his thoughts on the future.

“I’m assuming that the Marvel thing is at a slower speed now, or are you done with that now?” Ozark star Jason Bateman asked.

“That’s all done,” Robert Downey Jr. replied.

“As far as I’m concerned, I hung up my guns and I’m good to let it go.”

He further added: “I also think that Marvel is on this journey now. They’re trying a bunch of other stuff and you know, I’m excited for them to see how all that goes.”

Robert Downey Jr. made his first appearance as Iron Man in a Marvel movie in 2008 which kicked off the MCU film series.

He further went on to appear in two additional Iron Man sequels which released in 2010 and 2013.

He has also featured in The Avengers in 2012, followed by Avengers: Age Of Ultron in 2015, Captain America: Civil War in 2016, Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

His character was killed in the most recent Avengers: Endgame and was later honored in Tom Holland starrer Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Robert Downey Jr. also had a cameo appearance in The Incredible Hulk (2008) and is expected to appear in Black Widow, likely in a flashback.

The film follows events inbetween two Avengers films, Civil War and Infinity War and is currently set to hit cinemas on October 28. Black Widow follows Scarlett Johansson’s character, Natasha Romanoff.

The film will also star Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz and David Harbour.

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