Dr. Amit Kamle and Akshita Mudgal look cute together in ‘Irada Nek Hai’

‘Irada Nek Hai’, the latest music video by the renowned gospel music composer, Dr Amit Kamle, will feature Akshita Mudgal alongside the composer himself.

‘Irada Nek Hai’, the latest music video by the renowned gospel music composer, Dr Amit Kamle, will feature Akshita Mudgal alongside the composer himself. The music video driven by the powerful voice of the National Award-winning singer Shashaa Tirupati revolves around the life of two friends, eponymous characters Dr. Amit and Akshita, whose lives change as Akshita is about to join a pioneering airline as an air hostess. The highlight of the music video, exploring the theme of having unshakeable faith in God’s plan, is the formidable chemistry between Dr. Amit and Akshita.

Akshita, a strong believer herself, plays an ambitious girl who explores the depth of her faith when put through troubled times. About her decision to choose the project and her experience of working with Dr. Amit’s team, the actress said, “What inspired me to be a part of the project, is its spiritual message, a subject close to my heart and the unique musical composition by Dr. Amit who makes music a class apart among the compositions in the industry today. Much like the theme of ‘Irada Nek Hai’, I strongly believe that regardless of what one aspires to, God’s plan is unique and probably the best. As for the experience of acting on the project, the first thing that comes to my mind is that Dr. Amit’s work is precise and systematic, marked by professionalism but he never compromises on maintaining a friendly and close-knit environment. The project will always have a special spot in my heart- the entire team, especially Dr. Amit shared with me the long-standing warmth and familiarity they have with each other and made me feel like one of them.”

On the same note of elation Dr. Amit Kamle, sharing his thoughts on working with Akshita said, “I was confident from the very beginning that Akshita will bring a certain dignity, poise and emotional heft to the role but what she delivered was beyond that. Apart from her extensive acting experience, what helped her, I believe, is her own commitment and involvement in the song.” He further added his vision behind “Irada Nek Hai”: “This project, was foremost the Lord’s will manifesting through me, much like all things in my life. The project comes as a gentle reminder that no matter what difficulty God has put forth in our path, He has the best possible plan awaiting us.”

The song ‘Irada Nek Hai’, an A K International Tourism Productions of Glorify Christ 7 series, is set to be released this Christmas season. The song would give the audience a glimpse of Amit’s genius in the different aspects of the production. Apart from acting, among the many hats, Dr. Amit has donned are music direction and composition, lyrics, composition as well as screenplay writing to realize. Much like the song, Dr. Amit’s initiatives of A K International Tourism and Glorify Christ are centred around gospel ministry. In 2012 Dr. Amit founded A K International Tourism which conducts pilgrimage to the holy sites in Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Following his spiritual inclination, in 2016, Dr. Amit decided to pursue his musical talent with full gusto and founded Glorify Christ, with his wife Pornima, to produce gospel music. In the future to touch more and more lives with his music, Dr. Amit has envisioned creating more content-driven gospel music in as many as 30 regional Indian languages.”

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