Ed Sheeran reveals his desire to collaborate with musician King

March 13, 2024
Ed Sheeran and King to come together for an epic musical collaboration? Here’s what the English singer has to say!

It’s fascinating to witness the cross-cultural admiration between King and Ed Sheeran. Their potential collaboration holds promise for creating captivating music that transcends borders and resonates with fans worldwide. King’s track record of collaborating with diverse international artists demonstrates his versatility and willingness to explore new musical horizons. With Ed Sheeran’s immense popularity and King’s rising prominence, their collaboration could undoubtedly be a treat for music enthusiasts everywhere. Let’s hope for an announcement soon that will thrill fans eagerly awaiting this exciting partnership.

Speaking to an entertainment portal, Ed Sheeran showered praise on King and expressed his thoughts on collaborating with him. He said, “It would be King. He has been making waves lately, and he is a very good artist.”

Well, here’s wishing that King and Ed Sheeran are reading this and soon surprise us with their collab announcement. Speaking of King, the global music icon has previously collaborated with various international artists, including American pop singer Nick Jonas for ‘Maan Meri Jaan (Afterlife)’, Tanzanian artist Rayvanny, American singer-songwriter Julia Michaels, and rapper Gucci Mane for the ‘New Life’ album.

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