Shahid Mallya’s ‘Umar Qaid’ takes listeners on soulful, melodic journey

Shahid Mallya has released his new song titled 'Umar Qaid'.

Playback singer Shahid Mallya, who is known for songs like ‘Daryaa’, ‘Kudmayi’, ‘Ikk Kudi’ and others, has released his new song titled ‘Umar Qaid’. The singer shared that the song holds a lot of emotional significance for him as it comes from a very special place.

Shahid has received a lot of positive response to his recent tracks like ‘Dil Khona’ from ‘Tera Kya Hoga Lovely’, ‘Jaane Kyun’ and ‘Haniya Lag Ja Gale’.

Talking about his latest track, Shahid said: “’Umar Qaid’ is truly a very special song for me. The day is particularly very important and special for me due to a personal reason related to my love for music.”

The singer further mentioned, “The song has got the pulse of the audience sorted and people will connect with it like never before. It is all set to take you on a soulful journey like never before. Stay rest assured. This song has a lot of emotional significance for me and is very special and that’s why, it makes me happy.”

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