Anshuman Malhotra gets candid about his role in 'Dillogical': It's quite relatable

February 20, 2024
Anshuman Malhotra shared how the show will prove to be quite relatable to many; he essays the role of Saransh in 'Dillogical' and has shed light on his role

Actor Anshuman Malhotra, who essays the role of Saransh in ‘Dillogical’ has shed light on his role and shared how the show will prove to be quite relatable to many. The romantic comedy series ‘Dillogical’ offers a modern take on relationships and the complexities of love. The series follows the life of Saransh, a driven young professional returning to India after securing a placement at Google, and his childhood sweetheart Jinal (played by Nupur Nagpal), an independent and outspoken dance influencer.

Their relationship takes a sudden turn when Jinal embarks on a journey of independence and self-discovery while dealing with the pressures from her family and her long-standing fears. Their love is also put to the test amidst the complexities of an open relationship, with some deep realizations along the way.

Shedding some light on Saransh and Jinal’s profound bond, Anshuman shared: “The bond shared by Saransh and Jinal is very pure. They are not only childhood friends but also madly in love with each other; wanting to be with each other all the time. But sometimes, as you grow up and meet other people, you end up having a crush on someone else.”

“You keep thinking about why you’re developing feelings for somebody else after being with someone for so long. Eventually, you have to decide whom to be with. This show also highlights a similar situation, and it will prove to be quite relatable to many,” he said.

“For Saransh, this is all very new as his childhood sweetheart proposes an open relationship, and it is completely up to him to figure out how to deal with it. He can either get angry at her or try to understand her situation because he loves her after all.”

‘Dillogical’ is streaming on Amazon miniTV.

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