Bigg Boss OTT 3: Neeraj Goyat’s shocking elimination; Fans trend ‘#BringNeerajBackBBOTT3’

Bigg Boss OTT 3 has seen the unexpected mid-week elimination of contestant Neeraj Goyat, sparking a significant reaction from fans and viewers
June 27, 2024
Neeraj Goyat
Neeraj Goyat_pic courtesy Jio Cinema
Bigg Boss OTT 3 has experienced an unexpected mid-week twist with the elimination of contestant Neeraj Goyat, sparking significant reactions from fans and viewers. Many have expressed their disappointment and called for his return, highlighting his positive impact on the house’s dynamics.

The discussion has also included other contestants like Sana Makbul and Sai Ketan Rao, with fans showing support and analyzing their strategies within the game.

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Fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions. One tweeted, “As a fan of #BiggBossOTT, Neeraj Goyat brought such genuine energy and fun to the show. His elimination feels like a loss for the viewers too. #BringNeerajBackBBOTT3.”

Another user tweeted, “Watching Neeraj Goyat on #BiggBossOTT was a breath of fresh air. His elimination feels unfair and premature. Bring him back for more entertaining moments! #BringNeerajBackBBOTT3.

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