Filmmaker Manish Gupta says Milind Soman's role in 'One Friday Night' was most challenging

July 30, 2023
Filmmaker Manish Gupta said that Milind Soman's character in the film 'One Friday Night' was the most difficult character to portray in the feature

Filmmaker Manish Gupta spoke about his film ‘One Friday Night’ and detailed the response he’s getting for his role. He went on to say that Milind Soman’s character in the film was the most difficult character to portray in the feature. Manish Gupta who directed ‘One Friday Night’ concurred with Milind Soman’s statement and went on to say that his character was the trickiest to write.

Elaborating on the difficulties he faced in order to write fleshed out characters during the scripting process, Manish said: “Milind Soman’s character was tricky to write, because I had to make the audience sympathise with him even though he is cheating on his wife, who’s a very good lady.”

Talking about the audience’s reaction to the film, he stated: “The audience is intrigued by the plot. And they are constantly second-guessing the ending. Women are identifying with Raveena’s character. People are loving the ambience, texture and mood of the film – overcast skies, natural rain, the beauty of Pawna lake captured with monsoon in its full bloom. Maza aa raha hai film dekh kar sab ko.”

The writer-director also spoke about the response he’s getting, the most difficult character in the film, the biggest challenges during the shooting process in the film and the protagonist of the film being a ‘Home-Breaker’.

Shedding light on the idea of a ‘Home-Breaker’ playing the protagonist, he added: “Nowadays, the phenomenon of ‘Home-Breaking’ caused by single females targeting richer and older married men has become common in our society. Sadly, these young and single women who unabashedly seduce older married men have no consideration whatsoever for the families whose lives they are destroying forever.”

“Strangely, such ‘home-breakers’ do not think that they are doing anything unethical. They feel that if the man is willingly leaving his wife and coming to live with his lover, that means he’s not happy in his marriage. In the film, through Vidhi Chitalia’s character’s behaviour throughout the story, I have explored in great detail how a ‘home-breaker’ behaves, and what goes on inside her mind.”

Sharing the most challenging-to-shoot scene from the film, he mentions: “Raveena’s introduction scene – the scene in the maternity home and inside the operation theatre was tricky to shoot. For capturing extreme realism, I was shooting this scene inside a real maternity home and inside a real operation theatre.”

“At this time, there were many patients (pregnant women) inside the hospital. So, we had to maintain pin-drop silence while shooting and our movements were quite restricted. The entire cast & cast had to be very careful and sensitive.”

Manish Gupta is currently basking in appreciation from audiences across India for his directorial thriller feature film which stars Raveena Tandon, Milind Soman and Vidhi Chitalia in pivotal roles, when it hit Jio Cinema on July 28.

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