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A quick refresher of ‘The Family Man’ until you wait for S2

A refresher of everything that happened in 'The Family Man' Season 1, because you probably need one

Amazon Prime Video’s original series ‘The Family Man’, has quite literally changed the way audiences perceive Indian content. The edge-of-the-seat thriller has a gripping storyline and some impactful performances by some of the best artists in the country with a subtle humorous background. Fans couldn’t get enough of the first season and have been flooding social media with the question: #FMS2W?- translating to – Family Man Season 2 When?

While Amazon Prime Video recently ended this suspense by announcing the new season’s global premiere on June 4th, they have just dropped a recap video on their social platforms, for fans who need a quick refresher!

A recap is a must before we start binging-on the new season. So here is a list of five top points that summarize the first season which will surely have you counting days.

Srikant Tiwari
What would we not give up to have a husband, father and an able officer like Srikant Tiwari protecting the country from danger? He left us in awe with his unique skills of negotiating with terrorists, his unmatched ability to straddle between the roles of a secret-spy, a commando, an officer of the Intelligence department and a Family Man!

JK & Srikant’s camaraderie
All a person needs in life is a friend like JK and we are not ‘just kidding’! Both of them share such a strong bond that JK knows more about Srikant than his own wife. Each of those moments where JK and Srikant joke, pull each other’s legs and stand by each other no matter what the situation is, left us wanting to see more of them together on the screen.

No one would have ever been able to guess who the real villain is, until Moosa manipulated his way to ‘eliminate evidence’ which would reveal his true identity. The suspense and twists in the show absolutely led all of us scream ‘WHOA when we watched it for the very first time on our screens.

TASC (Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell)
A hi-tech intelligence department responsible for the country’s security camouflaging itself seamlessly in a city like Mumbai, without sparking an iota of doubt was one moment which left us with our mouth open. The ease with which the department dodged the biggest threats and always stayed a step ahead of the bad guys was an absolute delight to watch.

The End
The end of the first season where Moosa turns around to go back to his mother, stands witness to the fact that a mother’s love can melt even a hard-core criminal’s heart. Srikant’s right judgement at the right time helps avert a huge tragedy without any civilian casualties. Also, will Suchitra be drawn towards Arvind after what happened in Lonavla? Well, all we hope is that The Family Man’s family still stays intact!

So, while you count days for the global premiere, you can still go and re-watch the first season.

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