Suvinder Vicky, the ‘Kohrra’ actor everyone is talking about

He recalls the time when a few years back, after earning Rs 5,000 in a theatre production, he took the next train out to Mumbai.

He recalls the time when a few years back, after earning Rs 5,000 in a theatre production, he took the next train out to Mumbai. Of course, the money did not last long and he was back in one month.

There were minor roles for Suvinder Vicky in Punjabi films the uncle, the distant relative. He was waiting for his ‘chance’, and knew it would come one day, but doubts had also started creeping in.

Cut to the web series ‘Kohrra’ where his stellar performance made even Karan Johar remark: “I was blown away by Suvinder Vicky’s performance, he is and will be the revelation of 2023 across film and streaming … his silences can launch a million scripts.”

Vicky recalls that when he was offered the role, he had little idea it would catapult him straight into the big league, considering his next film is with Manoj Bajpai. He stresses that excellent teamwork was a major reason why everything including his acting was received well.

“All elements came together perfectly well, each person knew exactly what to do. The atmosphere on the set was relaxed. Yes, I prepared well, and spent much time studying the character,” the actor tells IANS during the recently concluded Cinevesture International Film Festival in Chandigarh.

The actor who had played a police officer’s role in back-to-back several web series admits that it was important to ensure to bring something new to every character.

“Honestly, I did not have much choice. These were the only roles that were offered to me. However, I put in a lot of effort to ascertain I played all of them with different shades. I prepared differently for each role and put in a lot to avoid any kind of repetition. Of course, credit should go to the directors too.”

While ‘Kohrra’ may have exposed him to a wider mainstream audience, Vicky had been doing exceptional work in Punjabi independent cinema.

In Gurvinder Singh’s ‘Chauthi Koot’ in which he played the protagonist Joginder, his haunted eyes said more than words. During breaks, Vicky would sit still for hours while the excellent National-award-winning cinematographer Satya Rai Nagpaul would set up his cameras.

“You know, Gurvinder wanted me to ‘un-act’ during the entire film, he insisted that I needed to speak through silence and my eyes, and not expressions or movements. Of course, it was frustrating sometimes. But I must admit, he has taught me a lot — the art of holding back, taking realism to an entirely different level and coming well-prepared to the set.

Vicky, who also played the lead in Ivan Ayr’s ‘Milestone’ which premiered during the 77th Venice International Film Festival in the year 2020, admits that before his foray into independent cinema, he was just another Punjabi actor.

“In many contemporary Punjabi films, no bound scripts are given to the actors. You are just told to enact a particular scene on the spot. There is no concept of rehearsals, and neither are actors expected to come prepared,” he laments.

While only a few independent filmmakers are working in Punjabi, and most of the films being churned out from the state are slapstick comedies, Vicky feels that we can be optimistic as a lot of new filmmakers are now emerging from the state.

“Let us hope that they strive for cinematic excellence and not just box-office returns,” concludes the actor who has signed several Hindi films and web series after ‘Kohrra’.

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